We’re Back

MADE starts with two women around a table. In fact, in the beginning, there is not even a table. They are just two women who want to put their talents to good use: design, pastry art, architecture, entrepreneurship, recklessness.

Since we are talking about concrete things, a table appears among the women. And on the table, a cake. But not just any cake. A cake like a flower: attracts with its scent and enchants with colors. It works. After a while, there are five people around the table. They do not just want to eat the cake. They believe in the cake, and the endless worlds of sweets it represents. They imagine. They lick their lips. One would like it to pure chocolate, one of the carrots and cream cheese; a nostalgic wants the custard tartlet; a lover of hazelnuts, a Linzer with red currants; one of the scented laurel apples. On one thing they all agree: their cake must be special.

Now the table is covered with sweets. Around, there are twenty people. Everyone talks. A boy wants a vegan cake for his partner who describes: he wants you to look like her, as well as to like them. A florist wants a memorable gluten-free dessert for her wedding, a true wedding cake, not a chemical pharmaceutical composition. An American wants a cheesecake and a scholar an ode to the Madelaine. An architect arrives with a project by Le Corbusier; only cream and chocolate, purist period. A Mondrian enthusiast only wants lines and colors. On the table there is no place even for a biscuit, you need to find a place.

In the center of Rome. An air bubble under water. A colorful and fragrant corner. A laboratory. A place to keep dreaming of all the possible cakes and eat them. To throw ideas, to cross over. To try.

Now there is. It is MADE.

We are dreamers of worlds, girls who liked poets, to say it with Ivano Fossati. Josif Brodsky, one of the greatest poets in the world, used to say that in poetry the use of adjectives should be reduced to the minimum, but it is necessary to insert as many nouns as possible, even at the expense of verbs. Here it is. We like nouns. Substantial stuff, like laboratory, curiosity, passion, game, art, aroma, fragrance, dream, color, material, beauty, environment, diversity, design. We carefully choose our verbs: observe, believe, experiment, risk, taste, respect, invent, appreciate, offer, treat, taste. It is not necessary to use pen and paper to make poetry and get excited