The Architecture Of The Desert, And Why You Must See It For Yourself

The 2017 Architecture Conference opens the forum for new boundaries of natural design in architecture. It is hosted by Texas Tech University and organized by ACSA, the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture. It aims to conceptualize and realize how to make use of spaces that might seem far away and desolate, close and urbanized, and everything in between. But the conference does not only deal with physical space. It also considers cultural distance, conceptual distance, and how to bridge the gaps between things that are close – the proximate – and things that are far – the remote.


On The Faraway

Things we are close to, things we are comfortable with, our own culture—these are things that are proximate to us.

The conference puts the lens on things far away from what we are comfortable with—other cultures, other environments. These are the remote things from which we can learn; thus, the conference is set in the desert—to evoke the sense of distance and desolation, of being far from home. But it also brings forth the question of how to close that distance, or better yet, make use of it.


Crossing The Canyon

The world, as we know it, grows smaller and smaller daily, in multiple ways. Connections between locations become easier to traverse, cultures blend and mingle, knowledge and disciplines touch and cross, becoming enriched in their interactions. There is little to be gained by remaining isolated and unaffected. Holistic growth in any discipline will mean learning concepts from other fields of study as well. Furthermore, as the distances in the world shrink, more and more concerns arise within the design, whether as an artist or architect – natural conditions, cultural desires, evolving human wants and needs, artistic beauty, and more.

This conference is a grand opportunity for architects and artists alike, to learn from the works of Judd on remoteness. Likewise, it is an avenue to discuss these concepts and its interpretations with like-minded individuals and to hear from great minds in the field. This is a time to take art and architecture and not only blend them, but synthesize concepts of both into a singular idea.