3 Places To Visit In Pratunam

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Traveling is a luxury that a lot of individuals want to afford. The idea of immersing oneself in a culture that is so diverse from theirs and coming across people with different native languages makes them want to book the next flight to a beautiful destination.

Moreover, some people aim to have their global map filled with pins or markings that indicate every country, island, and city that their mere presence has already graced. Their passports that are filled to the brim with visa stamps are just bonuses and remembrance of the engaging and eye-opening experiences that they have had.

Among the countries in Asia, Thailand is probably is one of the most frequented places by tourists who have a thirst for exotic beaches and dishes. If ever you get to see Bangkok, feel free to visit these places in Pratunam.

Pratunam Market

When you feel like you are ready to leave your cozy room in a Pratunam hotel after a long trip, the first location you should go to is the shopping district. It is excellent for people who do not want to spend a lot of clothes and accessories.

Here you will see endless lines of stalls that sell anything from plain shirts to sarongs to bags. You can also purchase shoes, suits, evening gowns, and adorable costumes in diverse themes and colors.

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Thailand is a tropical country. However, in the same marketplace, you can get winter jackets, gloves, thick boots, and hats at a reasonable amount. The market is in an open area, so when the heat gets too much for you, you can head to the nearby malls.

Suan Pakkad Palace

You can get a glimpse of Thailand’s rich history when you go to the Suan Pakkad Palace in Bangkok. This palace is unlike the standard castles that have turrets or moats like in other countries. However, it has an inviting garden and ponds that frame the entire place. 

The thing is, royalties no longer inhabit it. What stays here are the artifacts and antique tools and decorations that once belonged to the Chumbhot family. It comprises of eight traditional houses in total, and each one holds unique heirlooms that date back to as late as the 17th century.

Trimurti Shrine

If you are loveless when you go to Bangkok, you should never forget to bring red roses for Trimurti, a Hindu deity that is also the god of love. People say that those who have offered flowers on the shrine have found their true love not long after. You do not have to be in the same religion to do this. His statue can be seen ahead of CentralWorld in Bangkok. It is quite a beautiful sight that will be hard to miss.

Source: pixabay.com

Make your vacation in Thailand more rewarding by visiting all the cities and districts in the country. The Thai culture is so rich and magnificent that you may wish to stay here for more than a few weeks if you can. Go to Pratunam as well, especially if you love shopping, learning, and food-tripping.