Traveling To Hong Kong And Macau In 1 Day


Every time my friends would visit Asia, most of them couldn’t help but ask me for advice first. “Where should I go?” “Which hotels or cities are good?” “How are the foods there?”

It is not that I am an ambassador of any Asian country or anything. However, with my parents being missionaries, I got to stay in various places in the region while growing up, including China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Even when the family settled back in Illinois when I started high school, we would still visit those countries almost every year and meet the friends that we had made when we were there.

Whenever people ask similar questions, I usually say that they can tour around Hong Kong and Macau in 24 hours. Some of them believe me readily, while others wonder openly if I’m trying to pull their leg. However, it’s true. Those countries are so small and so close to each other; that’s why it’s possible.

Here’s a straightforward itinerary for you.

Have Breakfast at Café Kool

Café Kool serves Asian and Western breakfasts in Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel. It is a great way to start your trip because you will do a lot of walking after that. Not to mention, the dining experience can ease you in on the dishes that you may not be familiar with.

Board The Star Ferry

After a hearty meal, you should ride the Star Ferry. Up to this day, it functions as one of the main transportations in Hong Kong, especially if you want to go from one island to another. You can think of it as an extremely affordable cruise.


Try Your Bargaining Skills In Mong Kok

Mong Kok is well-known for its street markets. You can find everything there, from clothes to shoes to bags to flowers to even pets. The Ladies’ Market, to be specific, opens before noon, so you can head over there to buy souvenirs.

The best part of purchasing goods there is that you can bargain with the sellers. Always remember that their initial asking price can still go down by a lot, especially if you make a show of going to another vendor.

Check Out The Big Buddha

You don’t have to be religious to get amazed by the grandiose of the Big Buddha at the Po Lin Monastery. The fastest way to get there is by riding the Ngong Ping cable car.

Ride The Turbojet Ferry

After getting a quick bite at the monastery, you can go to the Turbojet Ferry terminal to go to Macau. This vessel is more luxurious than the Star Ferry. You can think of it as a massive airplane on water.

Walk Around Senado Square

The quickest way to get to the Senado Square is by taking the free shuttle to Grand Lisboa Hotel. From there, you can walk to this plaza and bask in the Portuguese-inspired structures. If you go up from the square, you will find the Ruins of St. Paul.


Visit The Cotai Strip

Walking around the heart of Old Macau can take hours. When evening comes, therefore, you can ride the public buses to hit the Cotai Strip. This section is most comparable to the Las Vegas strip, where there are hotels and casinos everywhere. You can have dinner there, play some games, and even check in one of the hotels.

Final Thoughts

Isn’t that so easy?

It may sound like a lot of moving, but that’s the exciting part of the trip. Hopefully, you don’t forget to take hundreds of photos to show your experience to friends and family.