Perks Of Being A Solo Traveler


Ever since I was young, I had dreamed of traveling on my own. I am not a loner; I don’t shut people out of my life. However, thinking of flying solo never fails to excite me in a way that traveling with loved ones cannot do.

The thing is, I have been discouraged by my best friends and close relatives every time this topic comes up. Before I can even tell which places I want to visit, they say, “Do you know how many women got in trouble somewhere because they traveled on their own?” “Who will you call if you need help all of a sudden?” “You know no one where you’re going. What will you do if you lose your wallet and not even have enough cash for a bottle of water?”

Although I don’t disagree with their sentiments – all of those things can genuinely happen – I still love the idea of being a solo traveler. After all, it will allow me to:

Go Anywhere I Want Whenever I Want

When you are on a trip with another person or group of individuals, it seems quite rare for you to have control over the itinerary. Unless you are the driver or tour guide, you will most likely need to take the backseat and let other people take the reins. Thus, you cannot go to all of the more exciting spots out there.

When you are alone, though, you do not need to think about the comfort of anyone since you are with no one. You can sleep in until or even after noontime, for instance. If you wish to visit a forest, you won’t hear anyone say, “Not this again!” Even if you are happy to stay at a park and watch people pass by all day, no one will think that it is lousy. You can be anywhere you want because the itinerary is yours.


Travel At Your Own Pace

Traveling with other people tends to be less enjoyable when someone packs a lot of destinations in one day. It can make you feel like you are pressed for time and that all you can do is get out and take a picture and go back in the car.

Well, you should know that you won’t experience that if you become a solo traveler. You can go to different places without considering anyone. You are free to stop by somewhere and relax there. The best part is that you don’t have to leave any location until you are ready to do it emotionally. For that reason, you may not feel rushed at all.

Learn How To Budget Your Money

Flying solo is not all funs and games. It can also teach you own to budget your monetary allowance. It is something that other travelers realize when they are already broke but nowhere near the end of the trip. 

On the bright side, being a solo traveler will allow you to stop misspending your money. If you want a souvenir, for instance, you can do it without blowing a week’s worth of cash. If you wish to see a concert, you can go after knowing how much you have left. In other words, you can distinguish needs from wants. Thus, you may still have cash left when you get back home


Final Thoughts

Coaxing an overly protective parent to let their beloved son or daughter travel solo can be challenging. You have to show them proof that you no longer think like a kid, for one. You should also prevent an instant ‘no’ if you earn most – if not all – of the amount required to get a boat. In case a push becomes a shove, show the ideas above to your folks.

Good luck!