Convincing Your Parents To Let You Travel Abroad By Yourself


My parents were overprotective of me while growing up. While my friends’ moms and dads allowed them to have a slumber party at someone else’s house, I never got to do that. Every time I wanted to play at the park with other kids there, they said that I had a lot of toys to play with at home already. My mother was a stay-at-home wife, so she always drove me to and from school or wherever I needed to be.

Though I grew up sheltered, I never resented my parents. I was an only child; it was only natural for them to want to keep me on their watch 24/7. My usual routine was that I would ask them if I do something. If they said yes, then yay! If they replied no, I would not push the subject further.

The only time I could not bear to take no for an answer, however, was when I wanted to travel on my own after high school. I was aware that many of my peers would go abroad and explore the rest of the world by themselves. Their parents trusted them to be smart and enjoy their life at the same time. So, why couldn’t my mom and dad do the same?

The persuasion process took months to take effect, but here are a few ways to convince your parents to let you travel by yourself in the future.

Show How Responsible You Are


The first thing is to show your responsible side to your parents. We are not asking you to start working full-time, pay all the bills at home on their behalf, or declare financial independence at once. However, you need to make your folks see that you can survive in a foreign place all by yourself.

For instance, start doing your chores seriously. Learn how to use the washing machine and fold your clothes neatly. Wake up every morning without waiting for Mom or Dad to knock on your door. Prepare your meals whenever possible, and maybe even cook something for the family. If you can do all that and more, your parents may not doubt that you can keep yourself alive abroad even if they are not there.

Look For Part-Time Jobs

You should realize that a lot of moms and dads who don’t earn millions yearly tend to worry about money a lot. That is especially true if you have finished high school, and they want to send you to an Ivy League School. Thus, they will surely turn down your request to travel out of the country so that they can save up for your education.

Now, the only way to convince your parents to let you go is by showing them that you will use your hard-earned money to visit foreign countries. No matter how much financial help they may need, they want their child to use the cash they worked hard for on their own. If you say you want to travel, then, you may not hear much resistance from them.


Final Thoughts

Moms and dads wish for their children to know responsibility, but all of them are afraid to let the latter go on their deep-down. The kids will always and forever be their baby, after all. Allowing you to travel without them entails that they acknowledge your maturity, and not everyone is ready for that.

Nevertheless, I would suggest doing the tips mentioned above until your parents stop resisting. Good luck!