Month: October 2019

Traveling To Hong Kong And Macau In 1 Day

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Every time my friends would visit Asia, most of them couldn’t help but ask me for advice first. “Where should I go?” “Which hotels or cities are good?” “How are the foods there?” It is not that I am an ambassador of any Asian country or anything. However, with my parents being missionaries, I got […]

Perks Of Being A Solo Traveler

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Ever since I was young, I had dreamed of traveling on my own. I am not a loner; I don’t shut people out of my life. However, thinking of flying solo never fails to excite me in a way that traveling with loved ones cannot do. The thing is, I have been discouraged by my […]

Convincing Your Parents To Let You Travel Abroad By Yourself

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My parents were overprotective of me while growing up. While my friends’ moms and dads allowed them to have a slumber party at someone else’s house, I never got to do that. Every time I wanted to play at the park with other kids there, they said that I had a lot of toys to […]