Month: October 2019

Traveling To Hong Kong And Macau In 1 DayTraveling To Hong Kong And Macau In 1 Day

Every time my friends would visit Asia, most of them couldn’t help but ask me for advice first. “Where should I go?” “Which hotels or cities are good?” “How are the foods there?” It is not that I am an ambassador of any Asian country or anything. However, with my parents being missionaries, I got […]

Perks Of Being A Solo TravelerPerks Of Being A Solo Traveler

Ever since I was young, I had dreamed of traveling on my own. I am not a loner; I don’t shut people out of my life. However, thinking of flying solo never fails to excite me in a way that traveling with loved ones cannot do. The thing is, I have been discouraged by my […]

Convincing Your Parents To Let You Travel Abroad By YourselfConvincing Your Parents To Let You Travel Abroad By Yourself

My parents were overprotective of me while growing up. While my friends’ moms and dads allowed them to have a slumber party at someone else’s house, I never got to do that. Every time I wanted to play at the park with other kids there, they said that I had a lot of toys to […]