5 Things That Smart Travelers Look For To Ensure An Anxiety-Free Stay In A Hotel/Hostel

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To most travelers, the success of their trip does not rely on the number of top tourist spots that they have managed to check off their list or the dishes or street foods that are exclusively found in the area. Another vital factor that gets rid of their anxiety during a holiday getaway is how they get welcomed throughout the stay in their chosen hotel, cottage or hostel.

That is especially true for people who are considered veterans when it comes to traveling and vacationing in and out of the country. They surely have been in various accommodations, so they immediately know which lodging is worthy of their two thumbs up, as well as which ones they will warn their friends about. For your benefit as a hotel/hostel owner, you need to understand the things that will make your guests appreciate your establishment, to the extent that they might book a room or two on their next holiday.

1. No Veiled Charges

Ensuring that there are no hidden charges is essential because tourists do not like getting surprised with additional fees, which were not mentioned when they made reservations online or over the phone. Visitors tend to feel betrayed after finding out that the amount that they have initially agreed to pay is not the total cost of their lodging upon arrival.

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To prevent this from happening, you may want to offer an all-inclusive rate for every unit. List down everything that’s included in the price, e.g., complimentary breakfast, free or discounted tickets to attractions, et cetera. Also, mention the services that are not a part of that bill. This way, they can prepare their travel budget ahead of time.

2. Unrestricted Use Of Wi-Fi

Paying guests should be entitled to unlimited internet connectivity while they are in the vicinity of your hotel or hostel. It will be insensitive of you to ask them to add several dollars before they can connect online since even the smallest accommodations offer Wi-Fi for free. The internet is a necessity for a lot of vacationers as it allows them to upload their holiday pictures immediately on social media and even video chat with their family and colleagues back home.

3. On-The-House Toiletries

No matter how affordable or costly it is to stay at your place per night, it will be thoughtful of you to provide shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel and other personal effects for good hygiene to your guests. That will allow them to leave their bath products behind and have extra space in their luggage for more necessities.

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If you have forgotten to restock the bathrooms with these – or you do not have them – the travelers may not put up with it and transfer to another accommodation. That is what you want to avoid because not being able to fulfill your guests’ basic needs is bad for the business. Even if, say, they have brought their sanitation kit, the guests will still feel cherished when they realize you can offer all that they may require on their hotel stay and more.

4. Complimentary Refreshments

As soon as travelers step into your hotel or hostel, ask them at once if they want to drink or snack on anything. That is even though they may not have even handed their cash or credit card to the administrator yet. Remember that some of these individuals have traveled for hours in a car or an airplane to reach your city. More likely than not, they feel physically drained, and so your complimentary food and beverage might energize them to take at least one more step to their room.

Furthermore, offering refreshments can make guests feel at home in a faraway place. It will be as if they have only gone to a friend’s house; the minor difference is that the room they will be occupying has an equivalent rate. Nevertheless, the warmth that they may experience is practically the same.

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5. Maps Or Tour Suggestions In The English Language

Assuming that the vacationists are in a foreign country for the first time where English is not the native language, maps and tour suggestions written in English are a lifesaver for them. It will keep them from being lost in unfamiliar streets or needing to ask passersby multiple times a day. If possible, the guide should have unique lines that lead to the location of your hotel or hostel as well from various tourist spots – along with instructions of which bus or train to ride – so that they can find their way back easily.

Final Thoughts

All travelers feel happy with accommodation owners and staff that treat them like the valued customers that they genuinely are. They do not miss the comforts of home so much because the hotel can provide excellent service and cozy ambiance. The vacationers remaining in your establishment will be departing, therefore, on a happy note once you make all these things available for them.

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