Travel Gems To Explore Based On The 2015 Dakota Tourism Conference

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If you plan to go on a road trip to South Dakota anytime soon, you might want to consider these fun activities and places to go to which thriving in the prestigious and well-known 2015 Dakota Tourism Conference!

Why Dakota?

Traveling is one of the most famous ways for people to relax and reduce stress. Research shows that being able to travel frequently brings a lot of health benefits to the mind, as well as the body. Despite this, several people still have a hard time choosing a location to go. Given this, why not consider going to Dakota?


Dakota has long been famous for travelers because of its rich biodiversity and cultural heritage. If you’re a fan of nature and history, this is definitely the place you should go!

Where To Go?

Rapid City, a famous place in Dakota, regularly holds the Dakota Tourism Conference wherein they recognize the different people and places behind the thriving tourism industry of the area. With this, here are a few takeaways which you and your loved ones can consider going:


Mount Rushmore

The ever famous Mount Rushmore! For history fanatics, this special national monument is always part of their bucket list. Learn more about USA’s history by paying a visit to this impressively carved sight!

Custer State Park

Biodiversity¬†is at its finest. This famous park is one of the true hidden gems of Dakota. Famous for its fishing lakes and wildlife, it’s definitely the best way to get a relaxing vibe.

Crazy Horse Memorial

This national monument which is still on the works pays tribute to the indigenous culture of the North American Indian race which dates back to a few generations back. What a way to learn about American tradition and history!


This national park is another gem of Dakota. Made up of eroded sedimentary rocks, it’s a jaw-dropping must-see sight.

Jewel Cave

Last but not least is another national monument located in South Dakota. This cave is the 3rd longest cave in the world, and its underground crystals make the visit worthwhile!

So much to see, and so much to explore. If you’re looking for a place to go, why not discover Dakota? You’ll surely have a splendid time. Have other travel gems to share? Tell us about it!

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