10 Souvenirs You Should Bring Home From Around The World

One of the best things about traveling is you get to bring souvenirs to remind you of your experience. Some people collect fridge magnets, so they would be able to see the countries they have visited. Somehow, they serve as proof, and they could bring a great sense of accomplishment that’s why collecting travel souvenirs could become an addiction.

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As you go to different countries, it is best that you know what makes them distinct, and you have an idea what souvenirs you could bring home. You might not be able to come back, so might as well carry something that will remind you of the great experience you had in that particular place.

What Are The Souvenirs You Should Bring Home From Specific Countries?

  1. Romania | Dracula Cup

Romania is famous for being the home of Dracula. Stories say that his castle still stand. Although it is only a myth, it is always nice to bring in a little color to your imagination. Romania is a magical place and bringing home a Dracula cup is a great way to remember it.

  1. Brazil | Christ The Redeemer Statuette

The statue of Christ has always been the landmark of Brazil, and they have made the figure into wood carvings so that people could bring home a piece of their lovely country.

  1. France | Eiffel Tower Keychain Or Figurine

France is famous for the Eiffel Tower and bringing it home is achievable by buying its keychain and figurine replicas which are available almost everywhere but most especially in their souvenir shops.

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  1. China | Tea Pot

China is famous for their love for herbs and tea. They are brilliant in their artistic porcelain and ceramics. Bringing home a painted tea set is a mark that you have been to this great country.

  1. Italy | Traditional Venetian Mask

Venetian Mask is famous because the people of Italy wear it during their annual carnival which is the tradition of the country.

  1. Spain | Hand Fan

Have you seen the Spanish beauties use hand fans? Yes, a hand fan is Spain’s trademark. They paint on it, and you can even ask them to add your name.

  1. Thailand | Straw Hats

Thailand is famous for its waters, and straw hats are very distinctive in this country. Can you imagine wearing one while paddling on a boat roaming around their floating market?

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  1. Russia | Matryoshka Doll

You may have seen this in movies or social media. It is a set of wooden dolls, decreasing in size, and placed inside another. They also call it the Russian nesting doll.

  1. Egypt | Pharaoh Statuette

When we think of Egypt, we imagine the pyramids and the pharaohs. They have made statues of these, so people from all over the world could bring home a piece of their rich historical heritage.

  1. Malta | Stone Maltese Cross

The Maltese cross is a famous national symbol of Malta. They usually make souvenirs from white limestone which is common in the Mediterranean country.

Although the best part about traveling is not the things you buy but the precious memories you make. It is the people we meet, the new food we tasted, the culture we learned, and the experience in general. However, bringing home some souvenirs is meaningful because they serve as a reminder of the moments we had in a particular country.

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Collecting souvenir could somehow be addictive as it pleases us to reminisce about our once-in-a-lifetime experience in foreign places because no matter what, we will always go back home. How beautiful it is to have a little piece of something from a place thousands of miles away.

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