Traveling While Broken Hearted – An Emotional Counseling Method

I don’t even know where to start because I am so hurt, and I feel like I am about to lose myself. My long-term relationship ended just a month ago, and I feel like my whole years of existence instantly became a waste of my entire life. I have been with my ex for over twelve years, and it’s quite a long time. We were supposed to get married a couple of months from now. But unfortunately, our relationship came to an end right before my eye.


It was so sudden when my ex told me that he has completely fallen out of love. It was confusing since we already talked about our future together. He explained that there is no cheating or third party involved, and everything was plainly about faded feelings that he didn’t expect to happen. But I don’t buy that. I mean, there should have to be a reason, and that particular one should have to be someone I don’t know. No person will wake up one day and tell their partner that they don’t love them anymore while everything was already planned for the future.

Knowing myself, I don’t easily give in to relationship issues. As much as possible, I would try and find a way to work things out. That was somehow the reason why our relationship made it through those years. So, as an in-love woman who finds positivity in everything, I tried to salvage it. I even allowed myself to look stupid in front of others because I was in a desperate situation. But my ex made up his mind and completely threw everything in the bin.

I was so devastated that I felt like blaming the world for it. It was a situation that pushed me to hurt myself. I even thought about suicide. But life has a complex way of showing you that things can still be okay. Thankfully, I immediately understand the importance of moving on and facing things forward. So, I traveled with a broken heart.


Be In The Present

At first, I thought traveling is as ordinary as the coping strategies that I once tried before. But the severity of my emotional and mental state was too hard to handle as it already affected my overall health. Physical manifestations such as headaches, fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, and insomnia post-breakup were the ones I was constantly dealing with. Not to mention the depression, anxiety, and panic attacks that disrupt my daily function.

Some people say I shouldn’t travel while broken-hearted because it would be impossible to find myself while experiencing a difficult emotional and mental situation. But that was the opposite. Traveling allowed me to be in the present, which means it made me embrace the pain and agony from my broken relationship. Traveling somehow showed me the other side of the moment. It made me learn to cope with the discomfort of an emotional and mental dilemma as I continue to break from the usual routines I do every day.

Traveling became so important in my healing as it continuously helps me restore the lost balance I once had. The stress and anxiety that the breakup brought into my life were all I can think of. So as much as possible, I have to re-establish my confidence to own my independence back. I need to trust my intuition to get myself out of physical, mental, and emotional trouble.

The Best Distraction

The best thing I like about traveling is its offered distraction. As I focused more on what’s in front of me, I was able to gain quite a lot of perspective during the breakup recovery process. Instead of wallowing in obsessive negative thoughts, traveling made me pay attention to the necessity of overcoming heartache without losing myself to the unbearable drama caused by it.

Traveling removed me away from the familiar scenes that I often experience every day. It introduced me to a place where new encounters and beginnings are made. The distraction that traveling created promotes a significant distance that was useful for self-growth and development. It allowed me to have a break and get my mind out of the bothersome emotional pain. It helped me gain new friends and meet new people across different countries. Traveling made me realize the importance of communication. It opened me to a comfortable way of trying new things.



I strived hard to find a way to maneuver the choppy waves of my heartbreak. Fortunately, traveling was the best thing that helped me find the strength to move forward. It made me appreciate life more than ever. Though I still have many heartaches that I need to get through with, I know I can be better someday. I believe that traveling will contribute more good things to my overall well-being recovery.


Reasons For Travel As Per Told By A Counselor

Traveling is a fulfilling activity that you can do anytime. There are lots of adventures that go beyond each destination. It is quite remarkable because traveling allows you to witness the world from a different perspective. With so much to discover, traveling provides you a reason to experience the things you thought were out of reach.

The benefits of traveling are endless, and people travel for varied and personal reasons. But concerning an overall improvement, therapists and counselors specifically suggest the activity due to these particular aspects.


Promotes Learning 

Traveling promotes learning. It supports an improvement in knowledge and skills as it mostly develops the listening and speaking ability. It enables you to examine and discover things in an educational way. Traveling makes you understand history by introducing how the cultures around the world vary and have mixed preferences. Traveling opens up the deepest appreciation in existing unknown cuisine, norms, etiquettes, and unique lifestyle across different countries. Traveling allows you to find many commonalities like a shared love for historic landmarks, nature, and art that bind all the different civilizations together.

While traveling also teaches you about the past, it also connects you to what’s more important. It provides you enough information about the reason for today’s current economic state, political structure, and social situation. Traveling can help you learn about the underlying reasons behind societal differences that have been the world’s longest issues back in the days.

Improves Self-Confidence

Traveling is not just about exploration but also about improving self-confidence. Most of the time, it makes you challenge yourself through different activities that you seldom do and do not consider doing. It enables you to push yourself to the limits while rediscovering your hidden talents and skills. Traveling makes you take the risk, encourages you to do things differently so that you can go out in your comfort zone. It allows you to regain yourself and helps you become more aware of your decisions in life. Traveling builds a strong sense of accomplishment.

Traveling helps build your self-esteem as it endorses you to generate reliable social networks. It helps in improving your communication skills and allows you to speak publicly, interact with strangers, and become more outgoing. It broadens your awareness of the community as it supports your ability to build a stronger sense of empathy towards other individuals.


Gets In Touch With Yourself

Traveling helps develop your awareness of the world and targets your ability to understand yourself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Traveling provides you the opportunity to reflect on your life, and everything around that affects it. It brings you many experiences that tag along with different issues, particularly on handling your thoughts and feelings. It introduces you to your real persona that you are sometimes unaware of. Traveling provides you an insight into who you are and what you should positively become.

Traveling makes you feel complete as it gives you a fresh perspective on what you want out of life. It helps you gain more independence, provides you with better tolerance for uncertainty, and broadens your horizons. Traveling pushes you to become more aware of your ability to cope mentally and emotionally and allows you to manage your imagination and creative thoughts. It helps in renewing yourself.

Helps With Relaxation

The primary goal of traveling is to provide you with a better and relaxed mind and body. Therapists and counselors recommend it because of its ability to take you away from your worries and fears caused by everyday stressors. Traveling provides you a break from the things that put too much pressure on aspects of your life, such as your relationship, work, school, social connections, and community involvement. Traveling gives you that specific freedom you deserve to become more at peace with yourself.

Traveling helps with an overall wellness reboot with the help of a perfect rejuvenating experience with the majesty of nature. It is a great relief from the stress and unhappiness that already burdens you for too long. It makes you feel calmer while providing you with enhanced empathy, energy, attention, and focus on other important things. Traveling promotes emotional and mental healing as it focuses more on meditation and mindfulness.


Builds Appreciation In Life

The advantages of traveling are not limited to self-growth only, as it also contributes a lot to expanding human perspective. Traveling can make you appreciate what life has to offer regardless of it being good or bad. It allows you to become more considerate of small things that still add to the development of a wider worldview. And since stress, anxiety, and depression, can make you lose sight of what you have, traveling helps clear it all back.

Traveling creates a great opportunity for you to be thankful, despite the consequences of not having everything. It encourages a stress-free life and better physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional health, which is all that should make sense.


Frequently Asked Questions About Light Therapy For Depression

Do you ever get the urge to travel and go on a relaxing vacation whenever you’re overwhelmed with life’s challenges? Going outside and getting our dose of sunshine can be extremely beneficial for our mind and body.

However, it may be more difficult to go to our favorite places with the pandemic restrictions and unwind. It becomes more of a challenge during the colder seasons when we feel less motivated to go outside.


While staying at home can keep us safe, not getting enough sunlight can be detrimental to our mental health. In some cases, people who don’t get enough sunlight develop Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.

SAD is a type of depression induced by seasonal changes and is also called “winter depression.” People typically experience this condition during the colder seasons, such as fall and winter.

But exactly how can sunlight affect our mental health that much? One of the explanations is that a reduced sunlight exposure causes our biological clocks to shift. This shift may cause hormonal imbalances, which, in turn, affect people’s mood and sleep patterns. 

Serotonin, a chemical that induces happiness, is one of the most affected hormones by decreased sunlight exposure. Seasonal changes also affect melatonin, a hormone that encourages sleep.

The lack of sunlight stimulates an overproduction of melatonin. It is why people feel more sluggish and sleepy at home and during the cold months.

There are several ways to treat SAD. The most common are antidepressant medications, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and talk therapy, particularly cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).

The most simple treatment and preventive measure is sunlight exposure. But if you’re not able to go outside and get natural sunlight, you could alternatively try light therapy. 

Light therapy, or phototherapy, makes use of an artificial light source that mimics natural sunlight. By simply exposing yourself to a light therapy box, you can boost your mood in the comfort of your own home.

Are you interested in knowing more about the science and benefits of light therapy? Here are some of the answers to frequently asked questions about it. 


What is the best light therapy for depression?

The best light therapy for depression should use a lightbox with at least 10,000-lux. This way, it will mimic the sunlight. Furthermore, the lightbox must also filter out harmful UV light to prevent any risk of skin and eye damage.

An excellent light therapy box can improve the mood and ease symptoms of depression, specifically that of seasonal affective (SAD).

How long does it take for light therapy to work for depression?

For light therapy to work, experts recommend using it daily. Generally, patients will see an improvement after three to five days of undergoing the treatment.

However, note that the treatment’s effectiveness highly depends on the patient’s response rate. Hence, the recovery period may vary for days or even months, depending on the patient.

Do SAD lights work for depression?

SAD light can improve symptoms of the condition in a short period. Imitating sunlight can improve energy levels as it boosts the brain’s production of melatonin and serotonin.

However, it is not a cure for non-seasonal depression. It is best to consult your mental health professional for long-term treatment of non-seasonal depression.

Does light therapy help anxiety?

As light therapy gives an immediate boost of energy level, in some ways, it can also work for the mind’s relaxation. The therapy process helps ease the mind from worrying and relieve anxiety-related stress.

However, there may be other factors of your anxiety the light therapy cannot address. If this is the case, it would be best to reach out to your mental health provider.

Can SAD lights cause anxiety?

There is no evidence that SAD lights can cause anxiety. As exposure to light therapy addresses SAD symptoms, it also extends to easing anxiety symptoms. However, excessive blue wavelengths (such as that of computers and smartphones) can disrupt melatonin production.

As a result, it can cause anxiety and symptoms of the condition. That’s why it’s essential to check with your light therapy provider about the wavelength of your lightbox.


Does light therapy really work for wrinkles?

A specific type of light therapy called red light therapy (RLT) has been found to address skin conditions such as wrinkles. With its low wavelength red light, research has found that it works for scarring and aging. While RLT does not remove wrinkles instantly, there is scientific evidence that can prove that it works.

Can you overdo LED light therapy?

Like any therapy and medication, LED light therapy can be harmful when taken excessively. Some research has said that using LED light therapy too much can result in a manic state.

It’s important to always consult a professional about the prescribed lightbox, its duration of use, and general usage. This way, you can optimally use light therapy without the risk of overdoing it.

Is red light therapy a hoax?

Presently, there are few studies on the effectiveness of red light therapy as a treatment process. While there is numerous research on its potential application, extensive clinical studies are yet to be made to determine its effectiveness.

We all want to get our dose of sunshine from our favorite beaches or parks. As much as we want to go outside and travel, we’re often limited to just staying at home.

We have learned that not getting enough sunlight can lead to energy loss and, in some cases, depression. Fortunately, light therapy offers a way to harness the sun’s benefits without even leaving the house. 


With the help of light therapy boxes, your biological clock and other body processes can shift back to normal. If you have depression, light therapy can help minimize your symptoms. Just make sure to consult a mental health professional regarding the appropriate measures before you undergo light treatment. In addition to light therapy, you could also incorporate some habits into your lifestyle to keep you healthy while staying at home.

Exercising, getting enough sleep, and eating a well-balanced diet are some must-do helpful practices. You can also work near a clear glass window to increasing exposure to natural sunlight. All of these practices can help in managing symptoms of depression and preventing relapse. 

Note that depression is a complex illness that can’t simply be treated by light therapy alone. So if you think that you’re suffering from depression, don’t hesitate to contact your healthcare provider to discuss optimum solutions.

Depression is a serious mental disorder that affects over 264 million people globally. Moreover, studies show the depression rate has likely tripled since the COVID-19 pandemic started. 

Remember that we can still be healthy even if we don’t have much freedom to travel as much as before. With the right tools and practices, we can keep our physical and mental health in good shape. Hopefully, this article has given you insight into ways to maintain your health when you’re unable to go outside and travel.   

What Traveling Can Do For Your Mental Health




Do you sometimes feel that you are stuck in your usual everyday routine as if you rotate around a hamster ball without end? Even if you’re delighted about your present career and home life, you might still feel imprisoned with the mundane chores and rituals. And then you start to ignore things, argue with your family and significant others about irrelevant issues, forget about the bigger picture, and not acknowledge the wonders of life.

Often, this causes us to feel worried and depressed. Going on a vacation, whether a road trip for just a few hours or a long 10-hour flight to a different country, can definitely help improve our mental health, our professional lives, and of course, our personal lives. Studies have found that traveling offers several mental health benefits. Right now, I am in Scotland having a break and trying to disconnect from my hectic life in America to be able to find a renewed purpose.

Some of the most important ways by which traveling positively impacts our mental health are listed below.

It Expands Our Perspective. Visiting a new city, local tourist spot, or another country, drives us to get out of our comfort zone. You might experience something new or get to taste a new kind of food for the first time. All that you see is fresh, which opens up a part of you that you haven’t explored yet. You will realize that you live your dream, witnessing structures, and destinations that you only imagined when you were young. You might encounter a not-so-popular spot that leads you to the most amazing sights. You discover new cultures, new customs, new languages, and then you embrace everything with open arms.


It Increases Our Knowledge Of The World. Going places pushes us to navigate, learn, and communicate with other people. Whether you need to ask someone for directions in a new country or try to learn how to use the trains and buses, you will definitely increase your knowledge of the world by traveling. You learn to converse with strangers and find the appropriate style to communicate with people from different cultures. For instance, if you’re in Japan and you can’t read Japanese signs and posters, you’ll be forced to ask a fellow passenger sitting next to you in a bus terminal on how to get to the downtown or your hotel. Education through travel is truly amazing.

It Builds Relationships. Talking to family and friends about your travel experiences can somehow strengthen your bonds with them. You may be at the beach having a romantic moment, or you might have missed your connecting flight and found an awesome little city, or you are wandering around somewhere entirely different from your hometown, making interesting conversations about your happy mishaps or bizarre encounters can certainly strengthen your connection with your travel buddy. Traveling does not only teach you about yourself, but it also enables you to learn more about your companion. Traveling creates wonderful relationships.

It Helps Relieve Stress. Traveling encourages us to change our mindsets and forget about our heavy workloads and responsibilities back home. Instead, we can enjoy the moment – and the opportunity to relax and be rejuvenated. When you try to fulfill your list of activities for the day, you tend to be more energized because you are doing something new and exciting. For one, I realized that when I am back from a short or long trip, I am less angry and more forgiving, a better friend and mother, and I feel whole again. After I came back from Paris, my boss once told me, “Wow, you look like you’ve stepped out from Happy Country!” Traveling just takes away the stress and anxiety that have been piling up for months and even years.

It Brings You Happiness. The impact of travel is not only felt during the trip or even after, but the eagerness of an upcoming journey can certainly lift your spirits. Besides, do we not always look forward to our next family or friends’ vacation? We are often at our happiest when we plan a trip. A study also found that most people feel more physically and mentally well, including how they feel and respond to life’s everyday challenges. It also revealed that we feel more inspired and ecstatic when we expect to travel compared to how we feel when we are buying a new house or car. My family and I save up a lot for travel because we benefit from it, mental and emotional wellness being among these benefits.


It Promotes Creativity. Being engrossed in a new place with new sounds and sights can also enhance one’s creativity, as creativity is directly linked to our brain’s capacity to restructure itself through its neural connections. This implies that our brains are vulnerable to change and are influenced by new surroundings and experiences. By altering our surroundings, we can actually create new neural connections that, in turn, improve our creativity. This is possibly why I sometimes find myself able to make creative things when traveling to a new country.



Is Your Family Visiting Philippines? Spend Some Time In Cebu!

Right after college, a multinational company contacted me and offered me a managerial position. Of course, I wanted to grab it because 1) It was challenging to find a job in 2008, and 2) I would no longer need to start at the bottom to build my career. The only catch was that I needed to move to the Philippines, where they made new offices. I was supposed to stay there for a couple of years, traveling worldwide to supervise the employees.


If I were honest, I would say that the transition was not too challenging. I had always been a sucker for new experiences, so I did not mind getting uprooted and going somewhere I had never visited before. For my first assignment, I had to stay in Makati for a year and see how we could improve our services. 

Before the first year ended, I already knew some Tagalog words. I could not speak them no matter how I tried, but I could recognize them and reply to people in English. That allowed my co-workers to feel closer to me. But the real place where I felt most at-home at was Cebu.


Cebu became very dear to my heart because I stayed there for a few months. The prevailing dialect there is much different from what I am used to up in the north, but the people are welcoming enough to speak in English, so there’s hardly any language barrier. And although I came there for work, it did not hinder me from enjoying what the province can offer. Hence, what kinds of activities can give you the Cebu feels? 

Eating Lechon

If you are not a vegetarian, I highly recommend trying the roasted pig (Lechon) here. Other places in the Philippines offer this dish, of course. Still, even Filipinos living in those regions crave for the ones that specifically come from this city because of their exceptional flavoring. You may eat it with steaming white rice or serve it with a beer. Any leftover will never go to waste as it can also be taken home and cooked in more ways than one.


Knowing Historical Facts

Cebu seems like a peaceful state at first glance, but it had seen some events that hugely affected Filipinos’ lives today. One example of it was the battle between Lapu-Lapu, a native ruler, and Ferdinand Magellan, the Spanish explorer who discovered the country and established Catholicism throughout the archipelago. There is a location in a city named after the former where it’s said that Lapu-Lapu defeated Magellan, and the tourists can visit it even now. You can check out the famous cross that the foreign discoverer brought at the Colon area on the other island.

Whale Shark Watching

Despite it being dubbed as the new Queen City of the South, Cebu holds a hint of wildness that you will not notice if you stay in its regal cities. You have to go to Oslob for that – a place where sharks tend to migrate often. These marine animals are not caged or turned into pets in large fish tanks – you have to ride a boat towards the middle of the ocean to watch them swim around.


Feasting On Seafood

What is a better way to get rid of exhaustion from doing watersports than feasting on seafood dishes? The main ingredients come straight from the ocean so that you can taste the shellfish’s sweetness and the freshness of the fish. It is easy to find buffet-style restaurants near the beaches that serve anything from pirate fish to prawns to lobsters, so you will never run out of options from dusk till dawn.

Bringing My Family To Cebu

Before my time was up in the Philippines, I invited my parents to fly across the globe and tour Cebu with me. They did not see the wow factor I kept on telling them about right out of the small airport. However, once they conversed with the locals and tried everything mentioned above, they understood why I loved it.


Final Thoughts

The last time I was in Cebu was in 2019. I vowed to keep on coming back every year or two — it was like my little piece of heaven on earth. Sometimes, I would travel alone and stay at the beach. Other times, I would bring friends who had never gone out of the country. 

It is unfortunate that I will not be able to come back to the Philippines this year due to the pandemic. I already booked roundtrip tickets and planned to stay there for the entire month of August, but there were still travel restrictions. Despite that, I continue to look for updates about the situation in Cebu so that I can go back as soon as tourists are allowed in the country again.


Post-COVID Travel Destination: Malacca

Melaka Church, Structure, Architecture, Sky, Travel


All of us know that the best thing to do at this time and age is to stay in our territories and remain safe and secure with family and significant others. The coronavirus pandemic has prohibited travel enthusiasts like me from doing our soul-searching and from discovering within our grounds and just imagining ourselves in a beach somewhere or exploring a new country and its hidden treasures.

Well, it is quite devastating to think that I probably won’t be flying for the rest of the year! But I do have to do live with that – for a while. I am only comforted by the thought that when this virus goes away, I will again don my traveling shoes and say hi to a wonderful place that I have always wondered about – Malacca, Malaysia.

I was supposed to book a flight to Malaysia two months ago, but then again, the outbreak hit us – and hit is us hard. So as the months went by and the cases piled and piled, I knew that I would have to read and search online about Malacca for now.

A Background On Malacca

Possessing a colorful mix of food, beliefs, traditions, and lifestyle, the historical traces of Europe is quite visible in this beautiful part of Malaysia. Malacca also spelled ‘Melaka,’ which is one of the most popular places in the country. It has been colonized by the Dutch, British, and Portuguese, so you can just imagine the colors embracing this quaint town. The influence of its colonizers is seen in its food, infrastructure, and even in the people’s language.

Post-COVID, these are some of the places to go and things to do that I will surely try to fulfill.

Take Pictures Of The Sultanate Palace

File:Malacca Sultanate Palace Museum Exterior.jpg


This is the model home of Sultan Mansur Shah, who reigned in Malacca for more than 20 years. It is currently a cultural museum surrounded by various species of flowers and plants. The highlight of this museum is how it was built – without nails! The building stands with the help of strong wooden supports.

Walk Around The Stadthuys

Considered as one of the landmarks of Malacca, Stadhuys has become popular because of the Crimson Facade, an ancient building built in the 1600s, the Dutch period, and was modeled after the Stadhuis in the municipal hall of Hoorn in the Netherlands. This was the governor’s home centuries ago, but now it is home to the History and Ethnography Museum.

Hug Some Huskies At The Huskitory

Malaysia has implemented strict rules on dog ownership, so you won’t see dogs strolling around with their wagging tails. But if you’ve been dreaming of snuggling with huskies, you can visit the Huskitory factory where they’re love for dogs, and other pets have been transformed into a pet cafe. This is a unique and impressive cafe in that the owners only allow eight people inside the cafe at a time to keep them from overwhelming their dogs. The huskies are given time to take a break from human interaction. Just order one drink paired with a snack, and then you’re sure to hug a huskie.

Shop At The Jonker Street

As an all-time wanderer, I can never go home without getting my friends some souvenirs from the places that I travel to. And the Jonker Street is a kind of place that has it all. The antiques, handicrafts, and other souvenirs caught my eye, and they made me want to fly to Malacca the soonest time possible. Even the food at the night market was mouth-watering!

File:Melaka Malaysia Chinese-shop-at-Jonker-walk-01.jpg


Book At The Bustel

Yes, it is how it reads – a bus hotel. These renovated old buses are located beside the beach so you can experience the fresher and more relaxed feels of Malacca. And while you’re cozily accommodated here, you can stroll along the beach and witness friends racing around on their ATVs like raging speed devils. If you choose not to, it’s okay. Instead, they have an affordable and equally delicious dinner in one of their bus restaurants. Try their local food such as Mee Bandung or Nasi Goreng.

All these and more are what’s keeping my hopes up, getting rid of the negative vibes that I’ve been feeling from this pandemic. But I won’t ever give up. Soon, Malacca.




Tips For Helping The Elderly Stay Connected With The Outside World




It used to be that our advice for the seniors, who have the highest susceptibility to acquiring coronavirus, is social engagement. Now it is social distancing.

As the number of positive COVID-19 cases increases day by day, the dangers also increase, especially for vulnerable populations like the elderly. This is because most of them have existing medical illnesses, which include heart disease, diabetes, respiratory conditions, and kidney complications. The current reports from China showed that most of the cases that involved the elderly died of respiratory illnesses, among others. As the infection continues to spread – with the reports and tests suggests that it will – we must prioritize our care for our seniors and protect them from this deadly virus.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities in the United States and around the world are dedicated to keeping updated with the local and national guidelines for testing and proper wearing of protecting equipment. They make sure that they practice correct hygiene and teach their patients and the public about it. They go out of their way to clean their facilities and implement a touch-it-take-it rule when it comes to brochures, cards, and flyers. Most importantly, they strongly urge their patients to contact their doctor if they feel sick, or they notice respiratory symptoms.


Reducing Exposure

It is vital to do everything in our power to protect the people that are highly at risk for moderate to severe infection and decrease their exposure to the virus. Distance yourself to individuals who are not feeling well. Keep away from large crowds. If you need to be out in public, limit your time, say, in supermarkets if you are there to buy essential needs. Remember always to wash your hands. And if your area is included as one of the most infected, you must stay at home.

Social distancing is the new norm these days, and it opposes what we usually advise for the seniors in our community, as we often encourage them to engage socially and to mingle with fellow seniors as well as any generation so that they’d feel active. Now, we constantly remind them of the consequences of talking with people without keeping their distance. However, along with the dangers of the infection also come the dangers of social isolation. How are the elderly going to cope with these challenges? How can they stay connected to the outside world amidst the pandemic? Here are some tips for them.

Be active in your community, even if you’re at home. How do they do that? Find remote options for them to communicate, like using the internet or making phone calls. Some non-profit organizations form volunteer groups that help people keep in touch and updated with the current situation.

Watch travel shows, cooking shows, and other relaxing television shows. It’s nice for them to stay informed about local or international news. Still, the elderly being the elderly, often are sensitive to almost everything, and more bad news might stress them out and cause them to be more anxious than they already are. So turn to shows that they find interesting to them. If they love to cook, let them watch Martha Stewart or other cooking shows. If they’re more into leisure, then suggest game shows. Let them limit their news watch to at most 30 minutes.


Let them use new technology. They’re going to enjoy keeping in touch with their family and friends through the new platforms on the web, like Facetime, Skype, Zoom, and Facebook. It’s the best time for you to teach them since you’re not doing much as well. And it’ll keep them occupied for a while too since it’ll take longer for them to learn and apply what they have learned. If you’re busy, let your teens set up an account for them.

Social distancing may cause us to keep our distance physically, but it doesn’t mean we have to be socially isolated too. Let’s try our best to keep our seniors not to be so misled by this deadly virus to the point that they will be alone. More than ever, they need to be socially and emotionally connected to the outside world.



The Architecture Of The Desert, And Why You Must See It For Yourself

The 2017 Architecture Conference opens the forum for new boundaries of natural design in architecture. It is hosted by Texas Tech University and organized by ACSA, the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture. It aims to conceptualize and realize how to make use of spaces that might seem far away and desolate, close and urbanized, and everything in between. But the conference does not only deal with physical space. It also considers cultural distance, conceptual distance, and how to bridge the gaps between things that are close – the proximate – and things that are far – the remote.


On The Faraway

Things we are close to, things we are comfortable with, our own culture—these are things that are proximate to us.

The conference puts the lens on things far away from what we are comfortable with—other cultures, other environments. These are the remote things from which we can learn; thus, the conference is set in the desert—to evoke the sense of distance and desolation, of being far from home. But it also brings forth the question of how to close that distance, or better yet, make use of it.


Crossing The Canyon

The world, as we know it, grows smaller and smaller daily, in multiple ways. Connections between locations become easier to traverse, cultures blend and mingle, knowledge and disciplines touch and cross, becoming enriched in their interactions. There is little to be gained by remaining isolated and unaffected. Holistic growth in any discipline will mean learning concepts from other fields of study as well. Furthermore, as the distances in the world shrink, more and more concerns arise within the design, whether as an artist or architect – natural conditions, cultural desires, evolving human wants and needs, artistic beauty, and more.

This conference is a grand opportunity for architects and artists alike, to learn from the works of Judd on remoteness. Likewise, it is an avenue to discuss these concepts and its interpretations with like-minded individuals and to hear from great minds in the field. This is a time to take art and architecture and not only blend them, but synthesize concepts of both into a singular idea.

3 Places To Visit In Pratunam


Traveling is a luxury that a lot of individuals want to afford. The idea of immersing oneself in a culture that is so diverse from theirs and coming across people with different native languages makes them want to book the next flight to a beautiful destination.

Moreover, some people aim to have their global map filled with pins or markings that indicate every country, island, and city that their mere presence has already graced. Their passports that are filled to the brim with visa stamps are just bonuses and remembrance of the engaging and eye-opening experiences that they have had.

Among the countries in Asia, Thailand is probably is one of the most frequented places by tourists who have a thirst for exotic beaches and dishes. If ever you get to see Bangkok, feel free to visit these places in Pratunam.

Pratunam Market

When you feel like you are ready to leave your cozy room in a Pratunam hotel after a long trip, the first location you should go to is the shopping district. It is excellent for people who do not want to spend a lot of clothes and accessories.

Here you will see endless lines of stalls that sell anything from plain shirts to sarongs to bags. You can also purchase shoes, suits, evening gowns, and adorable costumes in diverse themes and colors.


Thailand is a tropical country. However, in the same marketplace, you can get winter jackets, gloves, thick boots, and hats at a reasonable amount. The market is in an open area, so when the heat gets too much for you, you can head to the nearby malls.

Suan Pakkad Palace

You can get a glimpse of Thailand’s rich history when you go to the Suan Pakkad Palace in Bangkok. This palace is unlike the standard castles that have turrets or moats like in other countries. However, it has an inviting garden and ponds that frame the entire place. 

The thing is, royalties no longer inhabit it. What stays here are the artifacts and antique tools and decorations that once belonged to the Chumbhot family. It comprises of eight traditional houses in total, and each one holds unique heirlooms that date back to as late as the 17th century.

Trimurti Shrine

If you are loveless when you go to Bangkok, you should never forget to bring red roses for Trimurti, a Hindu deity that is also the god of love. People say that those who have offered flowers on the shrine have found their true love not long after. You do not have to be in the same religion to do this. His statue can be seen ahead of CentralWorld in Bangkok. It is quite a beautiful sight that will be hard to miss.


Make your vacation in Thailand more rewarding by visiting all the cities and districts in the country. The Thai culture is so rich and magnificent that you may wish to stay here for more than a few weeks if you can. Go to Pratunam as well, especially if you love shopping, learning, and food-tripping.


Traveling To Hong Kong And Macau In 1 Day


Every time my friends would visit Asia, most of them couldn’t help but ask me for advice first. “Where should I go?” “Which hotels or cities are good?” “How are the foods there?”

It is not that I am an ambassador of any Asian country or anything. However, with my parents being missionaries, I got to stay in various places in the region while growing up, including China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Even when the family settled back in Illinois when I started high school, we would still visit those countries almost every year and meet the friends that we had made when we were there.

Whenever people ask similar questions, I usually say that they can tour around Hong Kong and Macau in 24 hours. Some of them believe me readily, while others wonder openly if I’m trying to pull their leg. However, it’s true. Those countries are so small and so close to each other; that’s why it’s possible.

Here’s a straightforward itinerary for you.

Have Breakfast at Café Kool

Café Kool serves Asian and Western breakfasts in Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel. It is a great way to start your trip because you will do a lot of walking after that. Not to mention, the dining experience can ease you in on the dishes that you may not be familiar with.

Board The Star Ferry

After a hearty meal, you should ride the Star Ferry. Up to this day, it functions as one of the main transportations in Hong Kong, especially if you want to go from one island to another. You can think of it as an extremely affordable cruise.


Try Your Bargaining Skills In Mong Kok

Mong Kok is well-known for its street markets. You can find everything there, from clothes to shoes to bags to flowers to even pets. The Ladies’ Market, to be specific, opens before noon, so you can head over there to buy souvenirs.

The best part of purchasing goods there is that you can bargain with the sellers. Always remember that their initial asking price can still go down by a lot, especially if you make a show of going to another vendor.

Check Out The Big Buddha

You don’t have to be religious to get amazed by the grandiose of the Big Buddha at the Po Lin Monastery. The fastest way to get there is by riding the Ngong Ping cable car.

Ride The Turbojet Ferry

After getting a quick bite at the monastery, you can go to the Turbojet Ferry terminal to go to Macau. This vessel is more luxurious than the Star Ferry. You can think of it as a massive airplane on water.

Walk Around Senado Square

The quickest way to get to the Senado Square is by taking the free shuttle to Grand Lisboa Hotel. From there, you can walk to this plaza and bask in the Portuguese-inspired structures. If you go up from the square, you will find the Ruins of St. Paul.


Visit The Cotai Strip

Walking around the heart of Old Macau can take hours. When evening comes, therefore, you can ride the public buses to hit the Cotai Strip. This section is most comparable to the Las Vegas strip, where there are hotels and casinos everywhere. You can have dinner there, play some games, and even check in one of the hotels.

Final Thoughts

Isn’t that so easy?

It may sound like a lot of moving, but that’s the exciting part of the trip. Hopefully, you don’t forget to take hundreds of photos to show your experience to friends and family.